Prioritizing Self Care Workshops

Have you maxed out on presentations where you get excited and reenergized but still leave without an action plan or strategy? I get that. I have been there too! That is why I created an engaging series of speaker lead workshops to help women dig deeper into what self care means while actively creating an action plan. That’s right, in addition to inspiration and empowerment, this is a do it now session where you don’t have to go back and make time to fill in blanks. You do the work and develop your plan in real time. When you leave the workshop you will have a strategy to take action today.

  • Each 60 minute workshop is designed for women, whether a group of girlfriends or as part of a corporate event, who are busy doing all the things for everybody and need to get back on their own to do list.
  • Workshops can be purchased separately or choose the entire 3 part series. Customized workshops can be tailored to your group or organization needs. Send me the details and let’s talk it out.
  • Currently workshops are only available virtually via Zoom.
  • Max virtual attendees 12. Large groups can be accommodated, but will need to be broken down into smaller work groups.

Prioritizing Self Care, Fitness, & Your Needs

Designed for Women who need to make time for Self Care. Ready to get back to being a priority in your own life but don’t know how to make it happen. The truth is you won’t find time for self care. You have to create time. This session includes:

  • Discussion of your personal needs for self care, fitness, and overall well being.
  • Support for defining your why self care matters statement and your personal daily mantra.
  • Coaching and prompting to help you create realistic goals to do something each day for yourself

Creating the Action Plan for Your Goals

Designed for Women who desire to develop a realistic plan of action for her self care goals for her unique needs. This is definitely not an one plan fits all strategy session. This session includes:

  • Discussion of your personal needs and self care goals.
  • Assistance with creating goals that are realistic for your busy lifestyle.
  • Coaching and prompting to help you develop a strategy that gets results.

Creating Time for Exercise

Designed for Busy Women who want to improve their physical health, yet need support to figure out when and how to live an active lifestyle. This session includes:

  • Review and discussion of typical 24 hour day.
  • Recommendations to help support lifestyle modifications.
  • Feedback for solutions to help promote time for exercise into your schedule.
  • Assistance for developing your exercise regimen based on your unique timetable.

Not sure exactly what you need but you know you need something to help yourself, the women you care about, or your team prioritize self care, let’s start here by talking it out. When you are ready you can schedule your free consultation here.