Let’s Talk It Out
Discover How We Can Work Together

  • Are you and your girlfriends tired of just talking about self care and ready to move up on your own to do list?
  • Are you ready to answer the call and add a self care workshop to your event for the women who want to learn and network, but also need a self care refresher to help them show up as their best self?
  • Is your organization ready to level up and be a game changer in helping to empower women to not only break glass ceilings but to do it without sacrificing her own health and wellness?
  • If you are nodding your head yes, to any of these questions, this 30 minute consultation is for you. This is your opportunity to talk 1:1 with me about customizing and presenting a self care workshop with your group. This session we will discuss creating an experience that engages, inspires, and empowers women to prioritize self care everyday unapologetically.
  • For information about signature workshops click here. When you are ready to talk it out, let me know.

Note: This consultation is purchased as a stand alone option; however the cost will be credited towards workshops or speaking presentations booked and purchased within 60 days of the consultation.