Learn More about Iced Coffee and Self Care.

Latorsha is the creator of Iced Coffee & Self Care ® podcast. As a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach, she definitely understands the health risks of not taking care of yourself. After starting her Health Coaching business in 2016, she recognized that there wasn’t enough discussion and support that focused on the overall self care needs for women. It was very apparent that self care was much bigger than the number on a scale as she discovered many layers that need to be addressed in order to help women get back on their own to do list. Latorsha doesn’t believe there is an one size fits all when it comes to what you need, and that you don’t have to give up everything that you love to live a healthier lifestyle. This southern girl gave up sweet tea, but don’t touch the iced coffee. On this podcast her focus is helping women, just like you, do the work to make self care a priority on a daily basis. Get ready for relatable conversation and realistic tips to motivate and help you to take care of you. Your future health depends on what you do today. Don’t wait! Click here to listen, or on Apple, or  Spotify and don’t forget to subscribe and share with the women you care about in your life.

Sharing lessons learned on my journey to prioritize self care, plus challenging you to do the work to upgrade your life. This podcast is for all women, but especially those who continually find themselves at the end of a busy day with nothing left to pour into their own self care. This isn’t your typical morning coffee talk. It’s a conversation to help you move up on your own to do list.