Just Talking Won’t Get Results

How often do you just talk about your self care goals? For those goals, do you have a plan of action that you focus on daily? If not, that is the number one reason you are not getting results. You cannot just talk about what you want to do. Time is not stopping to wait for you to get it together. It is time to start doing the things that you need to make self care a priority. Here are a few tips to help get you moving.

Focus on 1 goal at a time.

Trying to do too many things at once can be overwhelming. This often keeps you from doing anything at all. It is easier to break down a large goal into small parts. For example, if your goal is to exercise one hour a day but you can’t carve out an hour yet, start with a time frame that is easily doable. Even if it is 10 minutes. Do it. This is 10 minutes of action that helps move you closer to your exercise goal.

Schedule time for yourself and stick to it.

Often women have the idea of doing something for themselves, but allow other people and things to take space during that time. So, it’s important to designate time for what you need and allow the other stuff to wait. If you’ve scheduled in a massage, training session at the gym, therapist appointment, or whatever, that is your time to focus on you. Unless it is an emergency, it is important that you stick to your plan. It’s okay to say yes to what you need and no to the other stuff.

Be prepared for what you want to do.

It’s easy to say what you want to work on. But you have to know in order to get it done, you have to be in a position to do it. You have to be prepared. This involves knowing what is needed AND having access to the tools. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier snacks throughout the day, then you have to buy and prepare those snacks. This may involve adding them to your grocery list, getting snack bags or containers, a lunch bag, cutting up foods in advance, and more. These are things that require you to take action. When you do these things you put yourself in position to succeed.

Every day you should have 1 action item that you do for your self care.

Don’t make it an overwhelming task, remember this isn’t supposed to be stressful. If its’ stressful it isn’t the intent of self care. Keep making yourself a priority daily in some way. I hope that these tips help you do that.

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