About Me

This can’t be it for my life.

~my moment of clarity
  • I was tired of being and doing everything for everybody else with nothing left for myself at the end of the day.
  • I was overwhelmed with the broken parts of my life that weighed me down.
  • I was afraid of what others would say and do, if I took care of me first.

I remember preparing to start my work day when this moment of clarity nearly paralyzed me. This was the day I knew there was something more for my life. After a day of working full time, maintaining home, taking care of family and handling the day to day problems that pop up, have you ever felt drained with nothing left? I get that. That was me. Fast forward to now, after creating a lifestyle that promotes my wellness, fitness, and overall well being, I can boldly say that old lifestyle was NOT it for my life. That moment preparing for work was an alarm that I needed to make changes in my life that focused on me.

Today I am passionate about helping women, like you, who want to get beyond the moments of being tired, overwhelmed and afraid of taking care of you first.

Your life and your future depends on what you do today.


Don’t let this moment pass you by. Make it matter.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.

While reflecting on the health outcomes of other women Latorsha encountered as a Registered Nurse and the women in her own family, it didn’t take much thereafter for her to realize that a lifestyle change was imminent. She has overcome her own health challenges through mindful eating, stress reduction, regular physical activity, and prioritizing her self care needs. Today, in addition to her career as an RN, Latorsha is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Fitness Instructor, Weight Management and Behavioral Change Specialist. She enjoys cultivating self-care practices for women, helping them stay accountable, and to show up as their best self everyday. She helps women to advocate for their health and self care needs.