Month: June 2019

Tired of your exercise routine?

Can you believe it’s been 6 months since you were putting together your health and fitness plan? By now you might be getting a little bored with your workout. Guess, what? It happens to all of us.

Last year, I made changes to my routine, and it was just what I needed. Not only did I need a new challenge, but I wanted different results. At this stage of life I know that I can’t go into cruise control and expect everything to keep bouncing back into place. Can you relate?

So, here are 3 things that I did.

Added more strength training to my routine. If your workout needs a change up, adding weights, may be exactly what you need. There are numerous benefits to strength training that makes this a total win for even better results.

Participated in more Group Fitness Classes. – As a certified group fitness instructor, I love the opportunity to motivate others to get moving and be active. However, being a participant in a class keeps me challenged and pushes me to be better.

Set higher expectations for myself. I didn’t just focus on the time of the workout. I did things like increase the number of repetitions and the weight of my dumb bells. When I run on the treadmill, I aim for faster speed intervals. Ultimately, I began to maximize my exercise time frame. I mean, why not make the most of the time you have, right?

Is it time for you to change things up when it comes to exercise?

You want honest, right?

Recently, I was reading through Amber L Wright’s book Can We Talk? and there is a lesson titled Get Some Goals So Your Life Won’t Suck. The lesson gives you easy steps to set and achieve goals, which is why I am so drawn to this section of the book. 

But what motivated me to write you today are the traits she identifies for searching for an accountability partner. Now you will have to go get the book on amazon for the full scoop but let me tell you there is a part that resonates in me because it calls out telling the truth, even when it hurts!

This is me. It used to make me really uncomfortable to tell someone what they didn’t want to hear. It took some time but I have become bolder.  And when it comes to my health coaching the risk is too high for me to give you candy coated truths. I need to make it plain and clear when it comes to your health and fitness.

When you clicked this post you expected honest truths, right? Well, I got them. Let’s start with these.

3 things no one wants to tell you about your healthier lifestyle

Drinking Water – When you finally get your water intake up and get well hydrated, you will have to pee so much that you will start to wonder if you should just set up an office in the bathroom. Coworkers will stare as you walk by to go to the bathroom AGAIN and AGAIN! Your urine will become so clear you’ll look down at the toilet and question if you really used it. 

Losing Weight – Once you start getting results and showing off your new wardrobe, people will assume you did everything EXCEPT work for it. They’ll ask what about pills you took, what surgery did you get, did you starve yourself, and some will question if you have an illness that is causing your weight loss. And believe me, the list goes on.

Eating Healthy – Don’t be surprised if over time no one wants to eat what you cook or you stop getting invites to go out to lunch. Now that you aren’t into fast food and junk food as much, people will think you are weird and no longer appreciate their good food. Your food choices will somehow become the equivalent of eating grass.

Changing your lifestyle is not easy, but it is doable. Let’s be honest there are some cons that we’d rather not discuss as we think about living healthier. Sure we know the benefits but we have to talk about all the pieces that impact our lives. That is why I strive to have the honest conversations and help as many women as I can live healthier with a realistic plan. 

Do you know your risk?

Are you, or a woman you know, 1 of the 3 women who will die from heart disease or stroke this year, who DON’T even know your risk?

These statistics stay on my mind as I strive to help women lead healthier lives. Women, just like you going about their everyday routine, unaware that lack of self-care is slowly deteriorating their health. 

I think of women such as my grandmother who was often the glue that helped keep the family together. I was blessed to have her during my childhood and just a peek into my adulthood, I remember all the time she invested in caring for others. Sometimes I wonder if someone, like a health coach, had been there to help coach her about active lifestyle and self-care that maybe she would have had more time with us. 

I get an ache when I think about women, especially African American women, that don’t know or understand their health risk. They don’t know the benefits of exercise and living a healthier life that can help prevent health problems that have been plaguing generations of their family. I can help.

This is why I strive to connect with women, like you. I want you to live your best and healthiest life. This involves making self-care a priority, along with being active and making better food choices.

When was the last time you evaluated your health risk? An appointment with your primary care physician can help. Talk with your family members about common health problems that you may be at risk for, based on hereditary or lifestyle. Share that information with your physician. It is important that you take charge of your health because you can start working on prevention today! Check out the link at the end of this post for helpful information from the American Heart Association.

I want to encourage you to get the conversation going with the ones you love to help reduce your risk and also their risk. The time is now. What will you do today to take better care of yourself?

Out of all the posts that you will busily scroll through today, I hope that you make this one meaningful to reclaiming your health and fitness. Don’t forget to share with a friend who might this information. We must spread the knowledge!

By the way here is the link I promised, Know Your Risk.